Snow and Doctors

Last night we got about 8 inches of that awful white stuff. Oh joy.

Today I’m working from home (although I haven’t actually had the chance to start working yet). It’s so cool that I can work from home sometimes. Too bad I can’t do it everyday.

I was supposed to have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, but they asked if I could come in earlier. So my dad drove me over. I had to wait an hour till I was seen. Then we stopped at McDonalds and ate that at my parents’. Once I got home, I called my insurance’s mental health number and got the names of psychiatrists who were covered. Then I called one. I have to see a therapist there before I see a psychiatrist there (is that normal?). Anyway, I go on December 27th. And now it’s 3 PM and I’m *finally* about to start working.

The doctor gave me a prescription for a diuretic because my blood pressure is high again. And he gave me a prescription for Zoloft and some more samples of it. I’m still on the 150mg. And some Ambien CR.

I’m kind of upset that my therapist is a guy. I would have preferred a woman. They didn’t ask though. And it sounded like I didn’t really have a choice who I saw.