I feel very frustrated. I’ve been working on a new layout for The positioning on the left column still needs work on it, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that it the layout doesn’t work at all properly in IE. It’s to be expected since IE doesn’t follow standards, but it’s so frustrating. Another problem is that I’m using transparency effects for the blue bars on the right so the dropshadow shows through. But it makes the text transparent too and then you can’t read it. There’s ways around it, involving the use of CSS or PNGs, but that doesn’t change the fact that you shouldn’t have to do that. Transparency should not be inherited. Plus I realized that I never fixed the problem of the archive list for the domain updates displaying some PHP error. That site is the most complicated that I run and a pain to do anything with. I’m running two different weblog systems (WordPress and Nucleus CMS), plus sending the domain updates to some of my domains (like this one, under site info) and sending the updates from the weblogs over to domain sidebar. It’s also frustrating spending so much time on a site I can’t even use in my portfolio when my portfolio is seriously lacking in good sites.

I do love designing websites, but these past few months since I was in the hospital (and possibly before) I’ve been unable to stand stress or frustration. It just skyrockets my heart rate even higher and makes me feel miserable. I’ve finished all my medical testing so hopefully they’ll be calling soon to set up a doctor’s appointment. I think I need another medication in addition to the betablocker. It’s helping my blood pressure but not changing my heart rate at all. Maybe I need an anti-anxiety pill. I feel odd telling her that though.

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