dress and shoes

I bought my wedding dress and shoes today.

The dress is by Bari Jay (and is technically a bridesmaid dress). I ordered mine in white. It will be here by 8-10 weeks. It’s a size 12, but will need fitting in the top. I am also not going to wear the belt as I think it looks better without it.


I also ordered my wedding shoes online from Capezio. They’re white satin ballet slippers. I also ordered white ribbon to attach to them. I did find a pair of wedding ballet slippers with a hard sole, but the ribbon was attached differently than real ballet slippers. I also figured that since I’m going to be walking on sand, a hard sole isn’t necessary. I thought about going barefoot, but then I remembered how hot sand can get. I know a lot of people do get married barefoot there, but I just wanted some sort of shoe. I thought the ballet slippers would go well with the tulle skirt. Plus I needed shoes anyway to wear to dinner later (plan on wearing my dress there).


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