long day

Today was a long, tiring day at work. First off, we have about 3000 labels to put on as many envelopes to mail to schools for our essay contest. Guess who gets to put them all on? Me! I worked on them from 2 till 4:30 yesterday and got about 1000 done. This morning my neck, shoulders, and arms were all sore. So I had to go in and probably did about 500 more between 9:30 and 11. At 11 we (my boss and I) left to go set up for the PSTA (Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association) convention in Hershey. We went to lunch and that was awkward but okay. Then we had to unload the car. It was extremely windy and cold. He’s not supposed to lift heavy things, so I had to do most of the lifting. I can barely lift Spencer on a good day…I could barely lift a pencil with how my arms were feeling today. But I had to do it anyway. Then I had to take all off the cart. Then set up the display and put things out. By the end of that, my hip and knees were killing me from kneeling on the floor and my arms and neck from lifting things and labelling. Then he asks me to go help the PSTA committee with stuffing things into envelopes for people at the convention. So I had to do that for a half hour. More standing and repetitive arm movements.
Now tomorrow I get to go in and put the rest of the 1500 labels on, then organize the envelopes by zip code (they’re in two stacks that are already in zip code order…I have to merge the two). I know it may seem a little silly…what a hard job, putting labels on envelopes! But when you actually do it, you realize the insane repetitive strain on your body and the mindnumbing boringness of it.
Seeing the convention being set up was cool, but it was also kind of depressing. There was all sorts of “major” people in the science community there and I was just a lowly office clerk. Then there was one display that was just awesome…it was for some prehistoric preservation society or something. They had a huge dino skull and bunches of dino books and I wanted to just stand there and look at it, but they were still setting it up and I would have felt funny. But my first thought when I saw it was “I wanna work for them!”.

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