Today was a spend money I don’t have day. My credit card got a work out. One purchase(s) was a necessity…I spent about $130 at the drug store. $109 of that was for my birth control pills. I was expecting about that much since it’s about the equivalent of three months of regular pills. I really hate my prescription insurance. $700 is just an outrageous deductible. I’m sure I won’t even meet it this year. I’ve been taking generic OTC allergy pills instead of Zyrtec since June. My allergies bother me a lot, but then they did on the Zyrtec too.

One semi-necessary purchase was a new pair of shoes for work. Can’t wear sneakers and I don’t want to wear my really dressy shoes (ie. high heels like you wear to a prom). My only pair that qualified was my pair of black boots and I don’t want to wear them every day. So I got a pair of brown loafer-type things with the big clunky heel. I’ve always wanted a pair since they became popular about five or six years ago. I suppose they’re still popular since they were selling many different styles. Fortunately they weren’t too expensive…on sale for $20.

A little less neccessary purchase was for two sweaters (buy one get one free), one fleece top, and two pairs of cords. The pants were a necessity…I don’t fit into most of my pants. I still need more pants in fact but that will have to wait.

I’ve been watching Buffy DVDS and cross-stitching a lot the past four days. I’ve been working on mom’s owl. I really want to get that finished soon. For one, to give it to her for Christmas. For another, I want to get that and my mystical dragon finished. They’re my biggest projects and the most completed ones. I also want to make all my Christmas ornaments kits and four small Christmas cross-stitches, plus some ornaments from the Just Cross-Stitch ornament issue for Christmas.

The downside is that pretty much all I want to do lately is cross-stitch. That’s not bad, but my hands get tired after hours of it. Plus it kind of affects my homework. I never finished reading the textbooks for last week. I like the projects still, but it’s become kind of an annoyance (I know, homework usually is).