I really need to get my sleep schedule switched. Joe no longer works quite so late so it’s really not necessary to stay awake till 5:30 am anymore. The latest he works is 11 and on the weekends he works till 6 pm or so (usually). It’s quite odd on the weekends to get up three hours before he gets home. I’m still falling asleep around 5:30 am or so, even when I try to go to bed earlier, and then waking up between 2 and 3:30 pm. I really don’t want to be staying up so late, sleeping so late. Getting up at 12 noon and going to bed at 3 am used to seem late to me. Now that seems early and I’d give anything to be able to do that. I also don’t really want to “force” myself into it by just getting up at 12 and being tired all day. I don’t have much tolerance at all for tiredness and am miserable when I’m sleep-deprived. Plus, that’s likely to not work anyway since I’m still not used to going bed till late anyway. Often no matter how tired I am, I can’t go to sleep until my usual time.
I picked up some valarian root at the store the other day. I’ve been out of melatonin for awhile and they haven’t had any at the grocery store we’ve been going to. I think I had built up a bit of a tolerance to it anyway. The valerian root is not exactly helping me fall asleep, but it helps me relax and I think sleep better (hard to tell after just two nights). I feel less anxious about not being able to sleep. Often when I can’t sleep I get upset about it, which makes me even more unable to sleep. The past two nights (mornings?) I’ve just been like “I’m not falling asleep yet. Oh well”. As I said, it relaxes me but doesn’t relax me enough to put me to sleep. I could try taking more I guess…I’ve been taking 2 an hour before bed. But not sure about an effects that might have. I’m taking the capsules and man, do they stink.

  • I think I took those for a while when I was having sleep problems – and you’re right, they do stink!

  • Valarian makes me a hysterical sobbing mess. Dave almost called 911 on me the last time I took it, because I was crying so hard I was making myself sick and couldn’t stop.

    And YES, it stinks!

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