I am depressed.

I wasn’t turned down for the job or anything. I haven’t heard anything. I’ve been thinking of calling them sometime soon. Do you think I should, and if I should, then when? The guy who was setting up the interviews said the interviews could go into next week. The owner said they’d call me sometime at the end of last week or early this week and that they’d call either way. So the interviews could still be going on. On the other hand, if they’re not and they chose someone else and didn’t call to tell me, I want to know. I don’t want to pester them if they haven’t decided yet either. I was thinking of calling tomorrow but now that seems kind of soon. What do you think? Tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, next week, ever?

I haven’t started looking for any other jobs yet. I doubt I’ll find anything good and that’ll just depress me further. It’s really an odd thought that right now I should be at work.

I’m having trouble occupying my time. Last night I worked on a new cross-stitch a bit, but even though I was watching a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie my mind still kept wandering to whether I’d get that job or not. So I surfed the DeviantArt stock photo section and made a photomanip of a woman. That actually helped me relax a lot. I should work on my homework but I feel too down to do it.

The new Preston-Child book came out today. That would definately keep me occupied, but I can’t really spare the $20. I could ask mom for the money but I’m not sure I even feel like leaving the apartment to go to the bookstore. I just want to hide. I could see later if Krissy and Aubrey were on Star Wars and play with them, but I’m not sure I want to be social right now.

I guess I’ll go back to moping around doing nothing.

  • Job stuff sucks, I’m telling you – and I’ll be both here and on SWG if you do feel social :). My name’s Prabe and we’re both on the Scylla server, so feel free to send a tell in-game if you see either of us on!

  • job stuff sucks the big one. :( *very big hugs*

    and yeah, just send a /tell to Shesra when you’re on – I’d love to play with you! I’ll be on tomorrow 😉

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