I’m still very unsettled in my cross-stitching lately. I finished my Halloween Mummy this week and started Autumn Angel yesterday. After I finish this one, I might do the Dragon of Water.

I want to buy Blessed Samhain, which several other cross-stitch bloggers are working on right now. I want to also join the Summer’s End Mystery at the Pam Kellogg Boards. I need to wait until I have a job though. I have fabric I can use for the Samhain one at least. I also want to buy some fabric to stitch my own Halloween cross-stitch design. I designed most of it last year but never finished it for some reason even though all I need to finish is to add a bat.

  • I’m taking a break from cross-stitch – I finished part 3 of the Strawberry Fields SAL and I’m pretty burnt out. So, it’s knitting for me for a little bit until I feel like stitching again. The Summer’s End SAL is tempting, but I don’t want to spend the money on another pattern when I already have a few I need to stitch. I want to see the Halloween one you designed; I have a flower one you designed that I saved a looong time ago that I’ll do sometime :).

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