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Okay, I’m getting really annoyed at the managers at my job. Today is Wednesday. Our work week starts on Sundays. The schedule was not done yet for next week. Excuse me if I like to know what my schedule is more than three freaking days in advance. I won’t know what I work until tomorrow night (okay, so I could call or stop by earlier but don’t want to). I need to schedule three vet appointments for next week plus my physical therapy. Having to call Friday is a little late to get an appointment for next week. Akasha has to go the vet within 14 days of adoption so she has to go next week. I want to get Ash in ASAP. And I want my hip to stop hurting, dammit. Now watch them only schedule me for three days again next week and two of them be the two days Joe has off, like happened this week.

That just really pisses me off. There’s no reason for her to wait so late in the week to make the schedule. I mentioned it to Denise, the keyholder I worked with tonight, and she said she’s definately bringing it up at the employee meeting. I work with Jen tomorrow night…maybe she has some news about my possible job at her company.

I had asked the manager tonight if the schedule was made up and then mentioned that I’ll be having physical therapy three times a week for the next month. She was just like, “oh, okay”. Didn’t ask what was wrong or anything.

I watched the credit card video today. More of a computer presentation actually. One section was possible reasons a customer had for not wanting a credit card from us and then what our responses should be. No way am I ever saying any of them. They’re totally pushy and annoying responses. Also, in protest of the schedule not being done, I didn’t ask a single customer if they were interested in a credit card when they checked out.

  • I hate when salespeople push things like credit cards on the customers – you’d think the managers would realize that not doing that might result in people coming back to shop. *hugs*

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