I just found the perfect job for me. The only problem is it’s in New Jersey. I don’t have much of a desire to live in New Jersey. I am also not about to move again for awhile. It kind of made me realize what I want to do as a career though. Here’s the job description (it was for a camera shop):

    Graphic Artist, Full Time

      Job Responsibilities:

    • Scan photographs and artwork to create digital files for output.
    • Use Photoshop to restore damaged photographs and manipulate images, including custom graphics work.
    • Print, mount and laminate large format prints.
    • Manage digital files for printing on a variety of different media.
    • Color-manage various equipment including monitors and printers.
    • Experience in both Mac and PC environments.

This current class I’m taking (Advanced Graphic Design) makes me realize I do not want to design business cards, or logos, or flyers. I enjoyed Illustration because I had more freedom and I was actually creating things. One of my most favorite things though is enhancing and or restoring photographs. I wish they offered a class in that there.

The full-time web design position is being advertised in the paper again. I’m qualified, why won’t they call me? I applied almost three weeks ago. The plumbing graphic designer job is not in the paper anymore. I suppose there’s still a chance I could hear from either of them, but I’m still not holding my breath. I’m also not holding my breath about that bioresearch company after how Jen was acting towards me Sunday.