cat news

It’s almost funny in a way. Krissy and Aubrey had both commented mentioning old cats freaking out over the introduction of a new cat. With Spencer and Akasha, it’s a new cat freaking out over an old cat. Spencer wants to be friends I think. When they see each other Spencer’s like “hey it’s another cat! whee! i think i’ll go eat some food now!”. Akasha’s like “hiss! don’t like big grey cat in my new house! hiss!”.

Last night Spencer was meowing at the door to the computer room so we let him in. Akasha was up on the window sill. Spencer slunk all around the room, sniffing the floor, but never looked up and saw her. She watched him like a hawk though and was breathing really hard. After a few minutes she started growling so we got Spencer out. Today we left her out into the rest of the apartment. When she saw Spencer, she hissed. Spencer just slunk away again, tail down and body low. Then they were laying about three feet about in the living room, watching each other. Spencer was all relaxed but Akasha was all fluffy and anxious. We put Akasha back after a little while.

The ferret was out moving around in his cage so I showed him to Akasha, wondering if she would hiss at him. Nope. She just watched him. I think she just doesn’t like bigger animals. Joe said that when Will found her, in his friend’s basement I think, she was all hissing and growling at his friend’s terrier when she saw it. I don’t really know how to deal with that. I can’t make Spencer smaller or anything. Spencer hasn’t really acted aggressive towards her at all either. He’s kind of afraid of her.

She had decided my scanner is a bed. She likes to lay on it. She also likes to sit on it to look out the window. I come back to my computer to find the scan manager open because she pushed a button on the scanner. She also likes to sleep on my computer chair. I have my Jeff Gordon blanket on it because it’s leather and gets either cold or sticky, depending on the temperature. She also likes to sleep on me when I’m sitting on it. Last night I was watching the Accidents Will Happen episodes of Degrassi on my computer and she slept on me the first episode and on my scanner the second episode. A little bit ago she was racing around the room, stalking and attacking everything. She attacked her bed of towels and blankets on the floor, Book 10 of Wheel of Time, the trashcan, and random spots on the carpet. Now she’s asleep on the floor.

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