So I have an hour till my projects are due and about three business cards to finish. So of course I stop to write a weblog entry.

I’m even more pissed off at the manager at work. I go into work today and check out the schedule for the next two weeks, not really expecting any changes. The schedules were a mess. Things were crossed out and whited out and changed. My schedule next week is the same and then I check out the week after. Thursday, Friday, same times, yep. So far so good. Then instead of 12-5 on Saturday, it’s whited out and there’s a line through that day for me with an R. They put an R there when you request that day off. I did not request that day off. I don’t even have any current day off requests in. So they have me scheduled a whole ten hours for the week after next. So I had to write yet another note to Bobbi saying I did *not* request that day off and I need more than 10 hours a week because there’s no way I can pay my bills on that.

I just love it. They never schedule me off the days I request off and then they say I request off when I didn’t.

They also messed up three other schedules. I mentioned yesterday how Laura asked to switch with me tomorrow for Thursday. I saw her today and she said that she had requested that off but they scheduled her anyway. I looked at Allison’s schedule for next week and from Monday through next Sunday she’s away on vacation but they had previously scheduled her the whole week. And they didn’t even put Megan on the schedule. They just gave her Allison’s hours then.

I have never worked at a place where the managers had a complete inability to make a schedule properly.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever worked somewhere that had this much trouble with scheduling. the Burger King people put me down for 30 hours when I was in high school and told them I could only work 15, and when I did tech support for AOL they gave me something like 37 hours when I only wanted 10-15, but that’s been it. I hope they get themselves together; that’s so annoying. :(

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