spencer picture

I decided to rename the Crafts category Creativeness because that way I can put pictures of my art there too. I didn’t really want to put them in Images because that’s more for photos and things like that.
Last night I was feeling really restless. Joe was at work till 12 and I had gotten off work at 5. I wasn’t feeling that great, was very tired, my allergies were bothering me, and I had a headache. I wanted to read my Illustrator CS Wow book for class and managed to read a little, but my head was bothering me too much to really follow it. I read a BSC book, followed around the computer a little. Eventually around 11 I decided to work on my picture of Spencer that I had started last summer. I only had the eyes done and the nose started. Last night I blocked in a little more of the color and started working on the ears. I noticed when I was working on it that the nose looked a little off center and after looking at the photo of it, I saw that one eye was bigger than the other. That’s not that noticable in the actual drawing though. I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. This is the first thing I’ve drawn (besides cartoonish doodles) in probably 6 or 7 years.
I’m using charcoal pencils and pastels for this. I find that when I draw animals the eyes always end up looking much more realistic than the rest of the animal.
spencer drawing

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