red flower

I don’t think I’ve spent an entire evening working on homework and enjoying it since my art classes in high school. I finished one of my first homework assignements for Illustration. I decided to do the second and harder one first because it was more interesting. It was the assignment where we were to trace a photo. I finally got the hang of Illustrator I think, although I used mostly the pencil tool and and left the pen alone. This evening just flew by. I worked on it a little around 9 and took a break for some chips and dip until a little after ten (well, I didn’t eat the whole time. I was finishing a BSC book too). Then from about 10:15 till 11:50 I just worked on it straight. I was surprised when I finished to realize it was almost midnight. I really like how it turned out.

red flower
(click to see the full version)

Here are two in-progress stages:
Before applying any effects
Before realizing it would look better if I removed the strokes from the paths

And the photo it was based on

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