I am *stressed*. Granted, a lot of that stress is from my own making and/or is my own fault. For the past two days I’ve been having that panicked “oh my god!” feeling. I have a feeling it’s not going to go away until after next Friday. The major source of the stress is my two hour presentation for Geodynamics (one hour Wed and one hour Friday). I have done pretty much nothing towards this even though we were supposed to be working on it all semester. I’ve never talked for an hour straight. Even on marathon phone calls, you have another person talking at least half the time. Well, I guess it’s only 50 minutes I have to talk. And the prof is usually late so maybe it could be cut down to 40 minutes (or even 35…he sometimes doesn’t start class till a quarter after). Two 40 minute sessions is a lot more bearable to think about than two hours.

Aside from that, a week after that I start at AIU. Then the Friday after that is my genetics final plus I have a take home geodynamics final. After that, if I don’t already have a job, I have to find out ASAP (by the way, I didn’t get the job at the library. blah). I also have to pack up all my stuff after that. I want to try and sell some things I don’t want anymore on ebay, like my Jeff Gordon collection. Then I have to move and *unpack*. While doing things for my class at AIU.

Then we get to my personal stress. I need a new layout for fuzzydoodles and I’m redoing the photos. That’s going to take a good bit of work. Plus I have ideas for digital art projects. I started one, but I don’t really like how it’s looking. I’m using Painter for it. I received my Painter 8 Wow book that Joe bought me and want to read more of that (read the first chapter yesterday) so I can improve the picture I want to do in it. I also need to read my Photoshop Retouching and Restoration because it’s a library book and due back soon. I want to buy the second edition of it, but that will have to wait till I get a job. I also have my body issue of Creative Arts Projects to read still. Then there’s cross-stitch. I want to get that owl finished for mom so I can work on my own things. Plus I told her I’d have it finished by mothers day. That’s kind of looking unlikely.

Arg! I haven’t felt this stressed since last semester, when I felt it pretty much all semester. I don’t like it at all.

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