stitcher’s five

Stitcher’s Five

1. What is your favourite theme to stitch (i.e. primitive, fantasy, samplers, etc)
Definately fantasy and ocean/beach scenes. I loved them both equally.

2. Has this always been your favourite theme (i.e as your tastes change)?
Yep, pretty much. Originally I bought more ocean/beach than fantasy because there wasn’t much of a variety in stores. Now that I discovered all the ones available online, I think they’ll end up being equal.

3. How many WIPs/UFOS do you have currently in this theme?
I have three fantasy ones and no ocean/beach ones. Two that are on break and one that I just started over the weekend.

4. And how many finished?
Fantasy: only the 9 Christmyth Ornaments from Dragon Dreams
Ocean/Beach: 8 finished

5. Name three favourite designs in your overall favourite theme.
That’s hard partly because I love them all and partly because I haven’t done all that many.
Fantasy: Not Forgotten, the Salamander from the Christmyth Ornaments, and the Dragon of Fire
Ocean/Beach: A New Beginning (my first cross-stitch), Beachcomber Cottage, and Shell Wreath.