I’ve decided to drop Petrology. I’d been thinking of it the past few days. Today I looked up my grades online and saw that I had a 66, which would be a D. I looked a few minutes ago to see if she had graded the midterm. She had. I got a 46 on it (the class average was a 60). So now my grade is a 59. An F. I have never gotten an F in any class before. I don’t plan on getting one now. I don’t need that class and even if I did decide to return to geology, you have to get a C (or D?) in all your major courses. So I’d have to take it again anyway. I don’t think it’s likely my grade would improve before the end of the semester. I’m lost in that class and I can’t identify minerals in rocks to save my life. Not to mention that I don’t want to go on the mandatory weekend field trip this weekend or write the 20-page report or do the labs that are all based on that field trip.

So I think that tomorrow I won’t go to Petrology but will go in about 10:30 or so, get her to sign the paper (if I can find her), get my advisor to sign it after geodynamics, and then turn it in sometime before Friday at 4:30 (the cut-off date). I plan to change the hours I work to MW 12:20 – 2:50. I hope she’s okay with that. She’s usually not available at 12:20 (lunch) but Dr. Price usually is. I enjoy entering his dissertation data more than doing things for Dr. Marquez so maybe I’ll end up doing that mostly. I hope anyway.

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