Tonight while driving home I saw that my old best friend’s parents’ house (who live down the street from my parents) had a For Sale sign outside of it. She moved out several years ago, around the same time I first moved out and I haven’t heard from her in about two years, but it still made me sad. We were once really close. We’d spend all afternoon and evenings together after school and all weekend too. This was mostly during my first and second year of high school. After that we both had steady long-term boyfriends and were with them more than with each other. After high school we gradually lost touch. She wasn’t the greatest friend always. She’d lie and break plans (often without telling me). The last time I saw her, the summer I moved back home, we hung out in the afternoon and she told me she’d come up to my house and we’d go to dinner once she put her son to bed. While we were out in the afternoon she kept saying to her boyfriend about how she’d be up at his place later, even as she was saying to me her and I would hang out that night. I waited, but she never showed up. I saw her drive down the street about an hour after she said she’d be at my place. She called me about a week afterwards pretending nothing happened. I didn’t say anything about it but said I had to go fairly quickly. I haven’t talked to her since.