I always wonder what people think when they first find my site. How I come across, what their inital impression of me is and also about the site in general. Is anyone willing to tell me? I know it’s been awhile since some of you first saw my site. I didn’t even have this domain yet when I first talked to a few of you.

  • I’m trying to remember… what was the layout of your site when I first met you? were you still using I think it may have been just before you bought oceanbreeze… wow, that was so long ago! I remember thinking that you were really neat from the email you sent me, but I can’t remember what your site looked like… I’m sorry :(

  • I say wow! And that’s the onyl thing I can say about it.

  • I came across your site when you hosted Meghan and Russ, and back then I was in awe of everyone who had domains because I knew I would never be ‘hosted’ by one. I remember thinking your site was too cool for me to ask for hosting on. I didn’t really start reading your site until a few months later, when I got to know all of you through the Imbri boards a looong time ago. I still love all the designs you put up on your site! They all look great :).

  • I don’t remember what your site looked like or what I thought about it, but I remember thinking that it was really nice and that you seemed sweet.

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