interview meme 2

Interview Meme #2, from Krissy

1. What attracts you to paleobiology, and why did you choose to study this (and get a job in it someday)?
I first realized there was such a field as paleobiology when I was at RIT in 1998 and reading the book Relic. It just mentioned the term but I was intrigued and decided to look it up. I was taking a career decision seminar class because I was an undeclared major (tried to get in as computer science but it was full) and we had to research possible careers. That was one of the ones I researched. I like it because it combines my interest in both dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures with genetics. I keep changing my mind about whether I actually want to pursue a career in this. Maybe once I do get to grad school and start taking actual paleobiology classes it will be easier to stick to my decision (assuming I can stick to my decison to go to grad school for that).

2. What is your favorite thing about web design? Your least favorite?
One of my favorite things is fiddling with a design to get it just right. I love editing CSS. Change a pixel here, change a font-size there. I find it to be really fun. I also love creating new graphics to use for my layouts in Photoshop. My least favorite is when something just isn’t working right in a design and you can’t figure out why for ages and it’s something like you miss-typed body as bodu. Or you forget a ; at the end of a CSS line.

3. If you were on a deserted island for a month all by yourself and could only take five things, what would they be and why? Let�s assume you�d have plenty of food and water on the island.
I’d take a cell phone, a laptop, a portable electricity generator, a pillow, and a blanket. The first three so I can get online on the computer and the last two so I can sleep comfortably.

4. What is your favorite scent to wear? What is your favorite scent in general? How about your least favorite?
My favorite scents to wear are vanilla and lime. My favorite scent in general in pumpkin. I love pumpkin candles and body wash. My least favorite anything that’s over-flowery. One thing that I can’t stand the smell of is lemon leaves. We got some in at Ben Franklins once when I was working there and to me they smelled like seafood. I love seafood, but it didn’t smell like good seafood.

5. How are Ash and Spencer doing? Don�t forget to include any cute things they�ve done recently!
They’re both doing well, although Spencer is now on a high-fiber diet plus vitamins. He’s been eating cat litter lately and the vet said to see if that helped. He still sleeps with me most nights but he’ll never get on the bed with me till after I’m asleep. He’ll come lay on the bed with me though if I’m just laying there to read. He’ll often sit next to my face and meow at me in the mornings when he wants me to wake up. I haven’t been able to let Ash out much lately, which I feel very bad about, but I’m not home that much. And when I am, I often don’t feel like dealing with him. I have to be sure stuff’s off the floor and all the closet doors are closed and so on and even then he gets into stuff he shouldn’t.

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  • yay, I love reading people’s answers to these things :) *hugs*

  • can you interview me? :)

    1. if you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move and why?

    2. what do you like best about having a ferret? what is most frustrating?

    3. what one thing would you change about your life in the past year? why?

    4. where do you want to get married? why?

    5. what is your favorite part of your personality? why?

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