I’ve been back from Missouri for a couple days. Haven’t had anything to say though. I really hate feeling censored on my own website. Maybe I’ll just password protect this whole thing and only give the password to people I already know and like.

Three times has my privacy been violated by people reading this site that I don’t want to. Each time it has been a boyfriend who has given out my URL. Never has someone just stumbled onto this site who didn’t belong here by a search engine or similar. I know I risk losing privacy by have this site, and my others, but it just isn’t FAIR when I work so hard to protect the privacy of this site and then other people just give out the location to whoever they want without thinking of the consequences. And then get upset with me when the people read things they should not know.

So from now on, nothing extremely personal will be posted on this site. Anything personal will go in my LJ although I hate to do that. I might get a paid account, because not editing the layout there sucks, but that will have to wait until I have money again. I don’t *want* to have to write in my LJ again. I *want* to write on my own site and say whatever I want. But apparently I can’t.

So, nothing of Joe and I’s relationship or future plans will go here. I will be making a wedding site but will not post the location here. I will post it in my LJ, since I control who views things there. Anything I do post on this site will harmless fluff, with no mention of Joe or anyone else close to me. I’ll write about my classes, complain about construction, and maybe talk about books or some other uninteresting subject. Nothing personal anymore.

Which kind of defeats the purpose of this being my personal domain.

WOC plug: Jaclynn

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