winged orange #15

winged orange christmas prompt #15

What was your best gift-giving experience? What was the best gift you’ve ever gotten?

The best gift I’ve ever gotten was my digital camera, a Powershot S100 Digital Elph . I got it for Christmas in 2000. It was a combination gift from my mother, grandmother and Brad (these things cost about $500 back then). It was probably my most expensive gift from anyone ever, but that’s not why I liked it so much. I just love this little camera.
The gift I treasure most is the necklace April got me the Christmas before she passed away. There’s nothing special about it itself, it has a silver chain and Fimo beads on it. But it was a really cool and pretty necklace and I wore it for awhile after I got it, but then stopped because I was afraid of losing or breaking it.
My best gift giving experience was probably last year for Joe’s Christmas and birthday gifts. I made him a website and bought our domain,, plus buying him various things that he really liked. The gifts he got me were wonderful as well, especially the claddagh ring.