My brother is coming home from the hospital today finally. That is very good.
Also good is the amount of work I got done today on my cell bio lab report on enzymes (how fun). It’s a lot more work than I’d have gotten done if I had gone to classes, so that’s good.

Do you ever feel stressed out when you have no real reason to feel stressed out? I have the cell bio report pretty much under control and I don’t have to study until Thursday. Okay, I have to study pretty much from this Thursday till next Thursday, but why do I feel overwhlemed now? It’s mostly the thought of driving to and from Millersville and going to classes and working there. I just don’t want to. I’m also a little annoyed that Part 4 hasn’t been sent out yet for the CMSAL. It was supposed to be sent out yesterday. I haven’t finished Part 3, but I’ll possibly finish that tonight. And tonight I stay at Joe’s, so if I finish that tonight, I won’t be able to work on Part 4 tomorrow unless it’s sent out before I leave today (Joe doesn’t have a printer).

  • I’m so so so so SO glad your brother is doing okay. I was going to call you this weekend to check how you were doing but I lost your phone number. :(

    *big hugs* good luck on your finals and papers! you can do it!!

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