My wonderful boyfriend Joe put my new hard drive in tonight (80 gigs..woo!). We got XP and the antivirus and firewalls installed and the drivers. Plus my email settings and mail. I still have to transfer my data off cds (I burned 7 cds of backups) and install all my other programs plus customize my settings. That’s what I’ll be doing this Saturday.
I have a Mineralogy test tomorrow. I haven’t studied yet much. I need to memorize chemical formulas, properties, and occurances of about 30 sedimentary minerals. So far, I know the formula of Quartz (SiO2). But I’m going to study during Physics and skip cell bio to study. And during Ecology if I don’t take many notes. I just don’t care about school this semester. I mean, I want to get good grades of course but I don’t want to do work in order to get them.
The Friday after this one Aubrey will be visiting for the weekend! I’m looking forward to it a lot.

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