My domain was schedule

My domain was schedule for renewal in September. I had bought it in 2001 with a 2 year registration. I got a .ws domain for two reasons. One was because there was no other dinosauria ones available. Two was because I didn’t have a .ws name yet. I got an email saying it would have to be renewed in 60 days, at $70 for two years. That’s what I paid when I first registered, but now directnic and probably other places offer it for less ($15 a year). You can’t transfer the domains from though.
So I went to check to see what dinosauria.whatevers were available. To my surprise, was available. So, I bought that and will just move my site over to there and not renew I like much better.
I also plan to do some work on that site, make into more a news weblog for not only dinosaurs but all areas (that I’m interested in) of geology and biology, and also anthropology.