I had chem 112 and

I had chem 112 and concepts of zoology so far today. At 1:30 I have
plant systematics. It’s only 12:15 right now so I have lots of time to waste
in the “Cyber Cafe”. I spent most of my free time here last semester. Zoology
is going to be a lot of work. But it’s very interesting. I love biology.
In the labs we’ll get to use digital cameras a lot, which is awesome. We’ll
get to work in groups most of the time, so maybe I won’t have to do the dissections
all myself. Chem 112 professor is a better teacher than my one last semester
for 111. I’m scared of the final…it’s comprehensive of chem 111 and chem
112. It will be 50 questions multiple choice…at 8 am. On May 12. I’m very