School Survey

Primary School

1. My mom drove me to school or I rode the bus: Various people took me to school. My parents did, my grandmother and great-aunt did, and my best friend Gina’s grandmother did.
2. My favorite teacher was: probably my second grade teacher, Mrs. Murray
3. My least favorite teacher was: first grade, Mrs. Wilson.
4. My favorite field trip was to: i don’t remember…
5. What I remember most about primary school is: my friends. Jessica, Gina, Amanda, Jennifer, Kristin. Also, played soccer every recess with the girls.

High School

1. My favorite subject in high school was: art, french, computer programming
2. My favorite activity in high school: I was in Key Club, SADD Club, French Club, and the Art Club
3. I was in the band and I played: i was not in the band
4. I was in these school play(s): i was not in any school plays
6. I had detention this many times: zero
7. I drove to school: last few weeks of junior year and all of senior year
8. I skipped class this many times: twice (w/o my parents knowledge)
9. I was always late for class: not usually
10. I went to prom with: Karim
11. I went to this many football games: several
12. My favorite field trip was: to NYC with the French Club
13. I was in the principal’s office this many times: zero (I think)

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