I was bad and didn’t

I was bad and didn’t go to my Millersville classes today. I had a
structural geology class and a field lab. Field labs are not good things
to miss, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about the lab report. I’ve
been sick this past week, partly with a cold and partly because my acid reflux
is acting up again. Last night I got about 2 hours sleep because I felt so
sick. So I went to the doctors today and got some nice free pills to rid
my stomach of acid. I did go to my speech class tonight. We gave our introductions
today and boy was I popular after class because of what I said in mine! I
mentioned that I’m a geology major at Millersville and that I do a lot of
webdesign. After class one guy wanted to talk to me about me possibly designing
a website for his family. Another wanted to talk to me about Millersville
because he’s a geology major and thinking of going there. I feel bad though
because I didn’t get to finish my conversation with website guy because geology
guy interrupted.