we went to penn national

we went to penn national tonight.
i won $13! woo!

and today i bought two books: jurassic park dinosaur field guide and the rose red diary
last night cliff bought me emily of new moon

i also bought some white college-ruled legal pads.
i decided to take all my notes for fall courses in legal pads. i’ve noticed that’s what all the older students do and since i should have graduated this spring, i guess i can call myself an older student. all handouts will go into the pretty folders i bought.
and i bought a lime green sprial notebook for calc this summer.

i don’t believe i’ve ever mentioned that there’s some sort of animal that lives in the wall behind my computer desk. every now and then i hear it scratching around in there, like now.

now off to bed with some tostidos and nacho cheese, a coke, and the baby-sitters sea city super special.