I got this from Aubrey’s

I got this from Aubrey‘s site. It’s one of those Tuesday things.
So what if it’s Sunday? :p

Is your mouse pad plain or decorated? I have a Wacom tablet!

Do you own a web cam? no. used to, but it was really blurry. I don’t really want people looking at me while I’m on the computer anyway.

Which do you do use more often online: email or search? search probably. don’t do too much of either though. unless i’m doing research for school. i prefer to visit the sites of my friends. over and over.

Do you use HTML coding, WYSIWYG editor, or something else to create your web pages? editpad! same as aubrey. it kicks ass.

Do you forward chain emails?. never

Do you forward those mushy stories that take 20 minutes to read? never

How large is your monitor: 14″, larger, or smaller? it’s an 19″ trinitron flat screen!

Do you have a mouse with a scroller, one with two buttons, one with three? two buttons and a scroller

Do you listen to music while surfing the web? Yes or no? sometimes.

How often do you clear your cookies, or cache? not every often. the cache clears itself every so often. or something.