I have to write this

I have to write this test for my english arthurian literature. It’s 10 multiple choice and 2 essay. It would be easy if I could just ask, well what happened here, but I’m pretty sure she wants more interpretive stuff. I got one question in like 20 minutes. I just can’t come up with anything!
It’s already 6:30 pm and the only other thing besides my one question I got done was doing an article summary/opinion for phil of sci. I thought I was done with those when XML was over! I hate hate hate doing them. I have to do 15 of them for this course. And it’s an honors course, so they need to be a little better than the ones I did for XML.

Things I Should Do Tonight:
1. Read phil of sci text for tomorrow’s class
2. Get more questions done for Lit proj (due next Thursday)
3. Do some geology labs
4. Read some geology text

What I Want to Do Tonight:
1. Take more notes on manticores out of my m.c. books
2. Set up a discussion and also notify list for m.c.org
3. Read more of Harry Potter #4

What I Will Probably Get Done Tonight:
1. phil text read
2. couple more lit ques.
3. maybe 1 geology lab
4. everything on my want to do list, at least a little of each

And I have a little browser question for you: how can I fix it so that when I print from IE part of the text doesn’t get cut off on the right edge?