colorgenics Utmost in your mind


Utmost in your mind is success. You are constantly seeking stimulation and a life full of
experience. You are trying to “grow” and above all you need to develop freely and to shake off
the shackles of self-doubt. You are an enthusiastic individual … full of life with the desire to
live intensely. You like contact with others and are enthusiastic by nature. You are receptive
to anything new, modern or intriguing. Your interests are many and you are likely to expand
your fields of activities. You are optimistic about the future and you deserve every success
because deep down you are a “winner”.

You are working extremely hard trying to improve your image. You need for those people in
positions that matter to recognise your potential and to acknowledge you.

Being emotionally inhibited you have no alternative at this time but to be a “watcher” rather
than a “doer”. At this time you feel as if you are being forced to compromise and stand back
… But this is not the true you.. Deep down there is that warm “open” you which is awaiting
the moment to burst forth.. maybe like the chrysalis which will soon become the butterfly…

As of late, you have been experiencing untold stress .. and this is a result of continuous
frustration … You haven’t been taking care of all your physical needs… and it’s beginning to
show. It would seem that you have a need to find someone to whom you can really relate …
someone perhaps whose standards are as high as your own. You want to be different …. to
be individualistic … to stand out from the common herd. Your inherent control of your sensual
instincts is restricting your ability to give yourself to open up freely…. but this, being on your
own, this being lonely ..often makes you feel the need to give up some of your strict
standards to surrender to the general flow – to be like everyone else; a part of the herd. Deep
down you regard such instincts as weaknesses to be overcome. You would like to be loved
or admired for yourself alone. You demand recognition and tender loving care.

The fear that you may not be able to fulfil or realise all of your ambitions makes you work and
play hard. The thought of being prevented from achieving the things you want leads you to
play your part with frantic fervour.