well i finally got those

well i finally got those backs off the earrings yesterday. and i put my new CBR in. tonguestud.com is finally up so i can order a few more tonight for my other holes. i’m at my xml class right now. anyway, i tried to take pictures of my ears last night but they didn’t come out good. so i’ll wait until i poke earrings through the bottom holes to take one, which i may do tonight. i think my left ear heals faster and better than the right. when i first had the right cartiledge done it took forever to heal and was constantly getting infected so i let it close. when i had the left done i had no problems at all, except for occasional far apart infections due to accidently brushing it or other things. and with these new ones the left doesn’t really hurt but yep the right one really does.
i started reading anne of green gables for the first time yesterday. i found that one, anne of the island, anne of avonlea, and anne of ingleside all at work (.99, 1.50, 3.00, and 2.00). i haven’t seen any of the others yet. i’d like to read the whole series. i’m really liking the first one.
on saturday and today my field supervisor, who’s in for the week, bought me hot chocolate. the only odd thing about this is he only did it on the two days it was just the two of us and he didn’t ask my coworkers on the days i wasn’t there if they wanted any. he seems to really like me and think i’m like a retail goddess (except on greeting customers. hate doing that).
anyway, i’m not about to refuse a free cup of realllllly good hot chocolate.