do i exude some sort

do i exude some sort of scent that attracts males but repels females? guys seem to have problem just coming up and talking to me. girls never do. the guys are never sexy totally guys, mainly computer geeks. or do i just exude computer geek scent? and only males repond since there are about zero other computer geeks around here?

guys also seem to be more inclined to talk to me if i’m looking more scuzzy than usual. for instance, today i’m wearing my black jurassic park t-shirt with the big logo on the front, old worn faded brown cargo jeans, purple birks, with my hair down and hanging in my face sort of scraggly looking because i didn’t feel like taking a shower today. some guy from my class came up to me afterwards and was like “hi. i’m frustrated…mumble mumble…class…boring…mumble” and then walked off. no one ever really does that if i take time to make myself look good (ie. makeup, contacts, hair brushed).