my inner duck

madame ida

Your Duckonian number is: 1

Urges arising from the soul

You instinctively take on the role of skein leader or pond director. A duck with a big ego,whose perfectionism, and bouts of impatience can lead you to being somewhat overbearing to the others around you. Your strongly independent streak is of value to you and you find it extremely difficult to take orders from others. Because you are an original and creative thinker, your ideas are what draw other ducks to you, and are the basis of your relationships. Whilst not being beyond your abilities, you may need to give more attention to the emotional side of relationships in order that they may become deep and lasting.

What your quiet self has to say

Brave, daring and an explorer, you see youself as the discoverer of new lands, leading a great new migrations south for the summer. Finder of new roosts, reed beds, seeker of the undiscovered pond.

Your characteristic expressions

You are an individualist. You can always find new and exciting answers to the problems you encounter. And you think your way through these problems both quickly and efficiently. A natural skein leader if ever there was one, you know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Ahead of the flock is where you’re happiest, directing the action and having the courage of your convictions. Beware lest this leads you to become unco-operative towards those around you, and mislead you into migrating to the North Pole for the Winter! Relax a bit and all will be well.

Lessons which may be of use

In past life you were never allowed to lead the migration. Although you could have learned the route, you avoided the responsibilities and merely followed where others led. In this life you must take on those reponsibilities, be decisive and brave in your choices, which you must make alone.

Twelfth Day of the Month

A birthday on the twelfth day of the month your duck magnetism and imaginative powers are strong, as is your sense of perspective. Your flirtatious nature could mislead you and the ducks you meet. You are a good communicator well able to get your message across.